Adam Wickham

GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! If I wrote you a love note, and made you smile with every word I wrote (what would you do?). Would that make you wanna change your scene, and wanna be the one on my team? LET'S GO TO PRESS.

First of all, OH DEAR GOD THE MORRISON BRIDGE IS OPEN AGAIN. FINALLY. So maybe traffic will be moderately less terrible? Guess we'll find out! (For newcomers, here's a brief history of the multiple fuckups involved.)

The Timbers nab a 2-1 victory over the Vancouver Whitecaps, capturing the Cascadia Cup.

Congressional Republicans are doing all they can to stifle the Russia investigation, and because of their expertise in obstruction, they're doing a pretty good job.

John McCain took another thinly veiled jab at Trump, talking about how wealthier Americans avoided serving in Vietnam.

A Gold Star widow of a soldier slain in Niger appeared on TV to talk about Trump's bungled condolences call, saying that he seemed to have trouble remembering the dead man's name.

At a national conference, the EPA is not letting three of its scientists speak about climate change.

A group of women with the Congressional Black Caucus are insisting that Chief of Staff John Kelly apologize for his comments about Rep. Frederica Wilson.

All five living ex-Presidents gathered in Texas to raise money for hurricane relief. Trump was not there because... oh, he was playing golf.

A Cub Scout grills a GOP state senator about gun control and her comments about Black people, and gets kicked out of the group for his trouble.

Now let's look up at the WEATHER: Intermittent clouds today and a high of 67, but a sunny week lies ahead.

And finally, sure, it may be a rough week ahead. But be like this volleyball team, never give up, and dig it the fuck out.