I don't want to be overly dramatic about the departing Twitter employee who briefly put the kibosh on Donald Trump's account on Thursday, but I think I speak for many people when I say: The events of November 1, 2017 will sing on in all of our hearts for years and decades to come.

We learned a lot more yesterday about why three Multnomah County deputies were held blameless after helping ICE agents apprehend suspects. Basically: The sheriff's office had already been helping ICE for years, and no one told the deputies not to.

The GOP unveiled details of its tax plan yesterday. You're already clear on the fact it'll drastically cut tax rates for wealthy corporations, right? It could also end up messing with your state income taxes.

The NYT has a bunch of charts to help you make sense of things.

New Seasons workers upset about changes that require them to work 24 hours a week in order to get health insurance, a penalty system when they're late, and other matters want to form a union.

VILLAIN: Billionaire Joe Ricketts shut down local news outlets DNAinfo, Gothamist, and their associated sites yesterday, a week after staffers voted to unionize. He didn't even leave reporters' work up to be salvaged for clips. Despicable, telling, deflating, and a trillion other things.

PARK TAKEOVER: There's an antifascist rally planned in downtown Portland Saturday. Then, next week, organizers are hoping to occupy an undisclosed Southeast Portland park—maybe until Christmas? The action is aimed at hastening Donald Trump out of office, so.... good luck with that.

You ready to be shocked? Sexual harassment occurs in Congress, too.

A bad scene in Northeast Portland this morning, where two pedestrians were struck by a semi truck.

Daylight savings time ends this weekend. Everything is wet and glum from here on out. Damn.