Lars Larson and His Listeners are TERRIFIED of Pacific Northwest!


What's Huffington and WaPo but fear mongering for the left?

Should I be afraid of the rising tide of white supremacists forming lynch mobs to hang my ass? What about Donald Trump? He's going to start a nuclear war, make sea levels rise 8 feet, and round up and deport 12 million innocent people! Just because they're not here legally! Democracy and human rights as we know them are clearly doomed because enforcing immigration laws is EVIL. And what about the bees? Fuck!!! The bees!!!! We're all gonna die in like, 4 months because of the god damn bees! Not to mention the terrifying outbreak of police violence. I need to have a talk with my kids because cops are all murderers looking for any excuse they can find to kill us. Let us not forget that our healthcare is going to be taken away, unions are going to be abolished, AI is going to enslave us, and worst of all, state sanctioned discrimination (but not in the form of laws or policies) is rampant in all aspects of public and private sector. It's gotten so bad that when you factor in things like career choices/differences and time off for child rearing you can't even say there's a gender pay gap anymore!

Vote if you think both sides are afraid of their own shadow and triggered by things as inconsequential as an especially loud fart.
Innocent victims gunned down in cold blood, children turning on their parents and a culture that supports it all.

Yup, Roseburg is a terrifying portion of the Northwest.
You needed another option. "Yes. The Pacific Northwest, Portland especially, is completely terrifying, with too many murders, drug needles everywhere, etc... You'll probably be gunned down next week. You'd better leave. You'd better leave right now. Your life is in danger and can only be saved by moving out of the Portland metro area. We've heard Texas is safe. You should move there immediately. It's just too dangerous for you to stay. Leave. Please leave. Please go now. We care about you!"
There's a home for people who are afraid of the PNW. It's called Alabama. Leave your daughters here.