Hiphop in the Park
Sunday, Oct 7
Alberta Park, NE 22nd and Killingsworth
1 pm-8 pm

Hiphop in the Park--the day-long show of hiphop artists, spoken word performances, political tabling, and political speakers--is a kind of like those giant buffet platters that one can get in Vegas for $2: There's a lot of good stuff, but consuming too much good stuff might make you puke. That's why we've put together an extremely handy list of what's up with what on Sunday at Alberta Park. Specific times will be posted Sunday at the event.

Hiphop Artists Performing

* Michael Crenshaw
Michael Crenshaw is a member of the local group Hungry Mob, who are on the verge of releasing a long-awaited album. Even though you can't hear the album yet, you'll be able to get a little gem of a preview when he steps up. For more information about Michael and how cool he is, see feature story.

* Keary Kase
Kerry Kase falls into the category of the really good MC who never performs, so you should definitely try to see him, as it will probably be one of the only times he ever plays. Warning: Keary Kase's lyrics are offensive at all times.

* Cool Nutz
Cool Nutz has recently released his latest album, Verbal Porn, on JusFamily Records, a Portland-based hiphop label. Cool Nutz is just one guy, but his rhymes are tight and comprehensive enough to be four.

Not only are these chicks hiphop, they're also Christian.

Legacy Clic
Blak Scienz Tribe
Hanif Collins
Young Poets
Trash Heap

Spoken Word Artists Performing

Turiya Autry
Rochell Hart
Aisha Ayers
Felicia Slider

Artists Performing Other Kinds of Music

* Clan of the Cave Mack
(turntablist) Clan of the Cave Mack has a pretty dumb name, but they're actually one of the very best DJ crews in Portland. You can usually only catch them in smoky bars, so we definitely recommend taking this opportunity to see them outside.

Toshi Onizuka (classical, flamenco, guitar-artist)
Opus X
(urban Irish fiddle)
(classical flute)
One Up, Two Down
(heavy metal/punk)
Maximum Flow
(jazz/funk/reggae/R&B fusion)


* Dr. Oda from Black Youth Political Action Committee (BYPAC)
Dr. Oda is like the goddamn Mother Teresa of Northeast Portland. The mission of BYPAC is to get Northeast youth involved in politics, and for the last three years they've been funded by grants and volunteer power. Help them recruit, or get recruited yourself.

* Derry Jackson, School Board Member
Love him or hate him, the controversial Derry "The Jews run the country" Jackson will be speaking.

* Police Accountability Campaign
Two years ago the Police Accountability Campaign (PAC) grew out of community concerns that no one was watching over Portland's cops. PAC came up with the idea to implement a civilian review committee to monitor complaints about brutality and misconduct. They hope to place on next year's ballot a voter initiative that would put in place such an oversight committee.

Kendra Rosser
Sisters in Action for Power
Bobby Beverly
Laborers Union
Fair Housing Council
Representative from International Center for Traditional Childbirth


Also involved is are a large group of tablers--groups from the community who will be at Hiphop in the Park promoting their services:

Western Prison Project
Alberta Cooperative Grocery
Sisters in Action for Power
Environmental Justice Action Group
Fair Housing Council of Oregon
Watoto Wa Dunia (Children of the World)
Education Without Borders
Upward Bound
Portland Housing Center

Other Sponsors also present:

* Youth Opportunity Center
Youth Opportunity Center is a community organization dedicated to improving the lives of Portland's youth. For more information see feature.

Better People
Coalition of Black Men
African American Health Coalition
Vinnie's Pizza
Lesbian Community Project
Music Millennium