tin house readings

As part of its Summer Writers Workshop, Tin House has put together an amazing lineup of writers doing readings and interviews. Chances are you don't have the $350 to blow on the Workshop's full package deal, which includes seminars and classes with the writers, but you surely have 15 bucks floating around for an individual reading or two. How often does Portland get to experience in person voices like Denis Johnson, Lorrie Moore, Rick Moody, and Dorothy Allison, and more, all in the span of ten days? It's enough to stop the heart. All readings take place at Reed College's Cerf Amphitheater, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, 224-TIXX


* Anthony Swofford & Todd Haynes
Two ubiquitous local wonderboys. Swofford did Jarhead; if you haven't heard of Haynes' filmmaking feats you're not a Portlander. 7:30 pm, $12-$15


Bill Wadsworth & Chris Offut
Not all the Tin House readings cost money. The Tin House faculty are getting their readings on, too, and they don't cost a dime. Tonight instructors Bill Wadsworth, a poet, and novelist Chris Offut strut their stuff. 5 pm, free


Jim Shepard & Helen Schulman
More faculty readings. Shepard wrote Project X; Shulman penned the novel Out of Time, not to be mistaken with the REM album of the same name. 5 pm, free

* Dorothy Allison
The brilliant chronicler of brutally painful stories in books like Bastard Out of Carolina, and Cavedweller. 8 pm, $12-$15


* Whitney Otto & Sallie Tisdale
A faculty reading, though you wouldn't know it from the name recognition. Otto is the really popular author of How to Make an American Quilt. Tisdale's a contributing editor at Harper's. 5 pm, free


Judith Hall & Percival Everett
Faculty. Hall's a poet with the books The Promised Folly and To Put the Mouth To. Everett has written 15 books, including Erasure and Glyph. 5 pm, free

* Rick Moody & Miranda July
Now I'm starting to drool a bit. Rick Moody wrote The Ice Storm, a delicious account of middle-aged infidelity and the inspiration for an incredible Ang Lee movie. Local wondergirl Miranda July closes things out with a reading, an interview, AND a film! *Slobber, slobber, pant.* 8 pm, $12-$15



Brent Hartinger
Portland's seen a parade of gay-themed teen novels march through its rosey cheeks, I mean streets, recently. Tacoma playwright and novelist and Hartinger presents the latest addition: Geography Club. Barnes & Nobel, Lloyd Center


* Blake Nelson & Sara Ryan
Young adult novels are really hitting the mainstream lately, perhaps as a result of Zoe Trope's little breakthrough a while back. Nelson's is called New Rules of High School; Ryan's Empress of the World, yet another one about gay teens falling in love. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St, 228-4651, 7:30 pm, free


* Fly
Yes, Fly is a person. A person who makes comics and zines, flyers and album art, music and records (with her bands God Is My Copilot and Zero Content). Now she's promoting her new book Peops: Portraits and Stories (Soft Skull). What the hell are Peops? Reading Frenzy, 921 SW Oak, 274-1449, 7 pm, free