Queen Size Zine Reading
Three cool fat women share their phat zines: Krissy Durden of Figure 8, Denise Renfrow of Fatty Fatty 2 X 4, and Chelsea Lincoln of Take It--It's My Body. In Other Words, 3734 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 232-6003, 7 pm, free

Laynie Browne & Gale Czerski
The Spare Room presents two writers: recent Seattle-to-Berkeley transplant Browne, whose latest novel is called Acts of Levitation; and Czerski, a poet who hopes her poetry "evokes a feeling of impossible intimacy and fathomless space." Mountain Writers Center, 3624 SE Milwaukie, 236-4854, 7:30 pm, $5 suggested donation

* From the Land of Green Ghosts
From studying James Joyce with Cambridge professors to waging brutal guerilla warfare against his country's military dictatorship, Green Ghosts is Burmese intellectual Pascal Khoo Thwe's haunting autobiographical story. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 228-4651, 7:30 pm, free


* America: 24/7
This is a hugely ambitious project for which over 25,000 photographers from around the nation submitted digital photos. The submissions were then whittled down to a book of images on the country as a whole, as well as 50 other America: 24/7 books, one for each state of the union. Meet some of the Oregon photographers tonight. Borders-Downtown, 708 SW 3rd Ave, 221-9814, 7 pm, free


* Scrivener Street Reading is a place where serious writers can network, find and advertise workshops, and so on. Tonight associates of the group, including Stevan Allred and Monica Drake, read works on the subject of faith. La Palabra Cafe-Press, 4810 NE Garfield, 7 pm, $3 suggested donation


Howard Dean: A Citizen's Guide
A must-have for fans of the little guy, this book offers a close look at Dean's public AND personal life. Contributing Vermont reporter Hamilton Davis presents. Annie Bloom's Books, 7834 SW Capitol Hwy, 246-0053, 7:30 pm

Reading Gay American Writers
A book about books, The First Time I Met Frank O'Hara: Reading Gay American Writers is Rick Whitaker's memoir of reading the Freud-quoting prostitute O'Hara's biography... and being forever changed. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 228-4651, 7:30 pm, free

* Vanished Kingdoms
Mabel Cabot's new book is a compilation of letters and photos from the explorer Janet Elliot Wulsin's 1920s adventures through the outskirts of Tibet, China, and Mongolia. Tonight dig the book and see a cool slide show of Asia. Powell's Travel Store, 701 SW 6th Ave, 228-1108, 5:30 pm, free


* Sticking to the Union
Oh, the irony, how sweet and rich. In the depths of Powell's City of Under-appreciated Booksellers, Sandy Polishuk presents her new biography on the influential feminist union activist, Julia Ruuttila. Contract negotiators, take note. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 228-4651, 7:30 pm, free


* Jimmy Carter
The most popular ex-president since Bill Clinton comes to town to promote and sign The Hornet's Nest, his first work of fiction. Tickets start going out of the store on Sunday at 1 pm. Don't dawdle! See My What A Busy Week, pg. 11. Borders-Downtown, 708 SW 3rd Ave, 221-9814, 7 pm, free

Mike McGee
The Red & Black's 2003 Slam calendar rounds out with San Jose's McGee, winner of this year's National Poetry Slam Individual Championship. Red and Black Cafe Collective, 2138 SE Division, 231-3899, 8 pm, $3-5