Kalah Allen

I understand the human need for companionship more than most others. I understand that, for all you homeless and destitute people out there, your world is particularly cruel and hard, often in ways that I'm incapable of imagining. But the next time you saunter up to me with a kitten that couldn't be more than six or eight weeks and start whimpering about how you don't know what the two of you are going to do, my response will be that you should probably take your pet to a shelter somewhere so it can be taken better care of, and then you can provide for yourself better when you do manage to pull together some money. Most of you that I pass on the streets are not using your pets to coerce money from me. You, I'm okay with; I think it's unfortunate that your pets may not be receiving medical care, but at least you're respecting them as living beings. However, I've had one too many people shove tiny animals in my face and ask me to give them money for the sake of their pets this past week. Those of you who have done this should be ashamed of yourselves.—Anonymous