flavazone: a benefit for stars in progress

Saturday, November 30, 8:30 pm

Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, $10

Angie Parker has made a name for herself among professional basketball players, actors, musicians, and anyone else who wants to have their hair expertly sculpted into braids or dreadlocks. After having founded the successful hair sculpture and design company Star Kinks, she's turning her attention to helping other young ladies pursue their own creative endeavors.

Enter Stars In Progress, a new non-profit mentoring program set to open in March. Aimed at providing a creative space, resources, workshops and guest speakers, the program is run by a number of artists and professionals in a variety of fields. It will also feature a gift shop, in which the girls can hawk their creations while learning how to operate a business. In addition to hair braiding, participants will have the opportunity to learn skills including graphic design, sewing, writing, visual arts, music, and dance, to name a few.

In order to raise funds and kick-start the program, there will be an action-packed event held at brand spankin' new club Nocturnal, which promises to straddle the gap between under- and over-agers with a juice bar and a beer and wine bar. Ooh la la. Flavazone is a bombardment of entertainment, including gospel, hiphop, and electronic music from artists Tracy Harris & Jaime Lee Christiana, Vigilantes, Kid Quiz, Madgesdiq, Spacefairy, and Stickyback Vinyl.

The musicians will be sporting Star Kinks dos, as will the models vamping it up in local designer Putty Twist's Warning Wear, a new line inspired by urban street smarts. Behind the bands and fashionistas will be projected film footage by Nimpsy. A fast-paced collection of street and nature scenes, the footage is Portland-oriented and aspires to the mighty bold goal of lifting consciousness.

Sounds stimulating? Well hold on to your britches, because this is only half of what this event is boasting. It will also feature the artwork of David Carmack Lewis, whose richly colored portraits of urban, country, and otherworldly scenery and characters displace the ordinary with a compelling absorption into each moment portrayed. Also a performance of spoken word by member of Abstract Visionz, theatrical performance art, contact juggling, and--always a crowd pleaser--belly dancing. Holy cow. And you don't even have to feel like a glutton, because it's for a worthy cause. MARJORIE SKINNER