A trip to the Nike Campus is nothing short of exotic. The über-manicured grounds and über-manicured people give you the eerie feeling you are trapped in a computer-generated architectural drawing. Thank god they occasionally see fit to import some of us more "normal" types to help out—folks like Daniel Garcia from NYC. Daniel is a multitalented artist who hires himself out to do design, directing, art directing, animating, scoring (music, you idiot), and photography. He got his start doing experimental film at school in NYC. Realizing the only work he could get with his degree was as a production assistant on sets, Daniel quickly taught himself Photoshop and got a job at an ad agency. He worked there for two years, learned everything he needed to know, then broke out on his own. In his early 20s he started his own company, Superfi, which now has offices in New York and Vienna. After five years, he quit to freelance, because that way he isn't responsible for other people and gets more time off.

When he is working, he juggles two to three projects at once. During his Nike-sponsored three-week residency at the Jupiter Hotel, Danny could be found after hours managing a big job for Nintendo from the Doug Fir bar.

What do you think about the famous Nike culture that we in Portland hear so much about?

To tell you the truth I don't know much about it. What I have noticed is that people are very sporty and dressed in Nike, which I'd probably be too if I got it for free.

Could you wear Adidas if you wanted to?

Oh no. You've got to "respect the brand." There are signs posted to that effect.

Weren't you saying you preferred Adidas?

No comment. I actually prefer Gucci or Versace. You know what I prefer? I prefer Converse. And Converse is actually Nike. Don't get me in trouble.

What do you like best about the job?

Full creative freedom, within limits. If you give people too much creative freedom they flip out cuz they don't know where to begin.

Does this kind of work affect your personal life?

Yeah. I've realized that I have to date people who work as well, people who have demanding careers. Someone who's a trust-fund baby, they're like, "Where are you going? You have to work again? Why?"

What do you do for fun?

I do a lot of Muay Thai—Thai kickboxing. Also I'm starting to race cars. I just joined the Modified Gumball Rally. We're racing an Audi from London through Europe and ending in Cologne. VIVA LAS VEGAS