Anissa Hutchinson

From Ash St. Saloon

225 SW Ash

She sees a ton of bands and is legally obligated to enjoy them sober. A bartender at a venue frequented by local talent, Anissa gives the top five PDX acts that keep her whistlin' while she works.

• The Hazmats: "They're rock 'n' roll, and maybe a little punkish."

• Fireballs of Freedom: "They're also rock 'n' roll. I like them because of their energy... they're crazy."

• Quivah: "They're hiphop, R&B, jazz, and funk--a little bit of everything. They're definitely original, and they have a great drum section."

• Richmond Fontaine: "Country music with a local twang, and a standup bass."

• I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House: "They're rock with a country edge to them. They play here a lot."

Steve "Zippy" Fischer

From New Renaissance Bookshop

1338 NW 23rd

Now that you've sworn off GMOs and pesticides, time to reconsider all them chemicals you be scarfin' down to make yourself feel better. Natural extracts are inexpensive and don't require a prescription, so don't knock it--especially if your primary physician is Dr. Planned Parenthood.

• Rescue Remedy: "Made from 5 different flowers and good for any type of crisis, whether being in a car accident or death in the family--even heart attacks."

• Walnut: "For any kind of transition, like a new job. It's also good to give to pets before you move."

• Bleeding Heart: "For unconditional love or the loss of a love--anything where you need to open up the heart and accept."

• Vervain: "For the type A personality who pushes themselves a lot. It helps to calm them down."

• Universe Handles the Details: "Daily life stuff can be overwhelming. This is a way to not let the details get to you too much."