Scott McLean

From Holocene

1001 SE Morrison

As Holocene's booker, Scott's duties keep him awash in creative, fashionable flow. Therefore he's a great specimen to dissect for what's hot:


- DO wear hyper-wrinkled shirts: "My sister went to Paris and brought back these really cool shirts that have really fine wrinkles."

- DO wear tube tops made from "other things": "Construct a tube top out of a pant or found object."

- DO wear OP shorts: "Old, corduroy, two-tone shorts back from the '80s. I don't think they look that cool, but it reminds me of being a kid."

- DO wear cropped pants with pulled up socks: "The socks become like an extended shoe."

- DO own a dog: "Walking a dog in an urban setting is pretty fashionable. "

Laura Leibe

Freelance Makeup Artist

Having worked fashion shows, photo shoots, and shopping malls, Laura shares her style know-how, giving us five things to stay the hell away from:


- DON'T wear white fishnets: "Not unless you're in a David Lee Roth video."

- DON'T cross your legs in a miniskirt: "If someone's looking, it's their problem, not yours."

- DON'T be a parody of yourself: "I saw this greaser couple get into a '57 Chevy. It would have been cooler if they got into a Dodge Neon."

- DON'T wear vintage dresses with opaque tights and glasses: "Nothing says 'I don't have sex' like this oft-seen Portland ensemble."

- DON'T don the "nonconformist" uniform: "Nothing takes the fun out of subverting the dominant paradigm like dressing exactly like the cruster standing next to you."