Katie Petersen
From Cuffs N Stuff
2712 NE Sandy

Did you know that civilians can shop at law enforcement supply stores? It's not illegal to buy many of the burly weapons and sprays that cops use. Katie points out some nifty items:

- Key Defender: "It goes on your key chain, you flip this hatch and spray in an attacker's face--it's pepper spray."

- Punch II M-3: "It shoots a big cloud of pepper spray. It's police-strength, what cops carry--it's bad, bad stuff."

- Bullet Proof Vest: "It's not really bullet proof, but it stops bullets from penetrating your body."

- Asp Baton: "What police carry. It's good for self-defense."

- Seatbelt Cutter & Glass Break: "If you need to get out of your car or into somebody's car to help them, you slide this in and cut their seatbelt off, and then you can punch with it and shatter their windshield."

Dan Pool
From Laurelhurst Pub Theater
2735 E Burnside

Dan is lucky enough to be part of the holy trinity of cold Portland nights: beer, pizza, and movies. You spend enough time in a theater, and you're bound to develop some opinions. His top five, ever:

- Cannibal! The Musical (1996): "A really funny movie made by Trey Parker, one of the creators of South Park."

- The Fisher King (1991): "This is a beautiful film that was directed by Terri Gilliam, who also made the movie Brazil."

- Life Is Beautiful (1997): "It's about a man during the Holocaust who makes his son think it's all a contest, making light out of a horrible situation."

- Seven Samurai (1954): "A Japanese film about a village that's being attacked, so they hire seven samurai to fight off the bad guys."

- Big Trouble In Little China (1986): "Kurt Russell as an American who winds up in a supernatural battle in Chinatown."