Ashley Hodge
From Capello
103 E Burnside

Deciding how to wear your hair can run you into many a peril. Ashley has some pro advice to help you out when making the cut, so never fear. Just don't:

- DON'T overgrow it: "Don't have long hair if all you can wear is a dumb pony tail. Cut your stringy, damaged hippie hair!"

- DON'T be a cliché: "Mix up your genres. Like mall bangs and goth, or bowl cuts and punk rock."

- DON'T sport mullets: "Or rat tails, or Flock of Seagulls--psyche! Definitely do those looks."

- DON'T dye red hair: "Don't color your hair black if you're a natural redheadÉ there's something that's just not right about that."

- DON'T be PC: "Don't use products unless they've been tested on animals. (Hush, hush--but they all do.)"

Cari Capuano
From Leepin' Lizards
1112 NW 21st

It's too hot to wear clothes, but you'll regret it if you shave your head. So, we asked Cari what to do with our hair, so we could still sport some style while remaining naked for as many hours of the day as possible:

- DO use your fingers: "There's just really no need to use a comb or brush. I prefer the piecey, texturized, just-got-out-of-bed look as opposed to perfectly combed, in place hair."

- DO let your kids cut their own hair: "It's important for their individual creative development, to encourage that individual expression."

- DO go for days without washing: "If you shampoo your hair every day it dries your hair out and takes away its natural oils. Americans are overly hygienic. Besides, hair just looks better when it's a little bit dirty."

- DO create trends: "It's all fine and good to keep up with celebrity trends--but those are their trends. Who really cares what Jennifer Aniston is doing?"

- DO use more product: "Everybody needs it, all the time. You don't look done unlessÉ you're done."