From Counter Media

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Looking for political lit? Charlie has recommendations that'll piss you off… but then they'll make you laugh, too!

- True Lies by Anthony Lappe, Stephen Marshall, Ian Inaba, and Greg Palast: "The Guerrilla News Network investigates the stories that Big Media won't. They have real journalists working for them--so it's hard news, not conjecture. This collection includes some of their best work."

- Punch Out the President, by Patrick Regan: "Paper dolls of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft as, respectively, 'Frat Boy,' 'Puppeteer,' 'Hawk-Man,' and 'Voyeur.'"

- 50 Facts That Should Change the World, by Jessica Williams: "Alarming facts (cars kill two million people a minute, there are 27 million slaves in the world, etc.) that should change the world but won't."


From Salon Icon

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Since good hair is probably the only thing standing between you and the actualization of your potential, we've asked salon guru Emie for some products to help attain the perfect coiffure.

- Being Wild by Risk: "This is a fabulous product for limp, pasty, and pathetic locks. It'll give you big, voluptuous hair."

- Aquage: "This gift from the ocean is made with oceanically-derived botanicals, and will give you sexy, shiny hair. It's easy to use--but be careful! Its flammable!"

- Hair Play by KMS: "This is for men's hair, but works well on all hair styles and textures. If your style goes limp during the day, you can just spritz some water on it, and it'll come back to life."

- After Party by Bed Head TG: "This comes in a fantastic package that really belongs at a sexy party--but no matter how much you put on, it gives you soft, shiny hair. It's great for dates because it smells good, and never makes your hair greasy."