Mick Weathers

From Temptations Video

330 SW 3rd

As long as you're cozying in for the winter, perhaps you might like to enjoy a little pornography with your hibernation? Hmm? Mick knows what the most popular selections are on the market:

- Bad Boys From The Big City (man-on-man): "Any porn that runs for five hours is a good porn."

- Bi Polar (man-on-man-on-woman): "Every time we rent it, the guy says, 'Oh yeah, it's for my girlfriend,' and I'm like 'Oh right--and the butt plug, too?'"

- No Bone Zone (woman on woman): "I actually own that one. There is not a bone in the entire zone. I figure why get one that has two boobs and one penis when I can get four boobs and no penis?"

- Asian Invasian (man-on-Asian girls): "I guarantee everyone has at least one of these in their collection. One guy came in and bought 16--all Asian!"

- Conract Cover Girls (man-on-woman): "Every girl in this series is just gorgeous, and pretty well known, including the infamous Jenna Jameson."

Syslee Schael

From French Quarter

1313 NW Glisan

It's getting to be heater season again (boooo!), which means you'll want to spend more time snuggling up in bed. Syslee's got the goods when it comes to fabulous bedding and towels:

- Peacock Alley cotton blanket: It's warm, soft, machine washable--a really great blanket."

- St. Geneve pillows and duvet: "Produced by a Canadian company, these are really luscious."

- The Purists brand flannel sheets: "Always good for the winter. The Purists make them real natural, with no dyes."

- Abyss Super Pile bathrobe: "It has super long piles [the furry looking stuff on terry cloth]. It's like the biggest towel you can buy."