Patrick Allen

From the Portland Steak & Chophouse

121 SW 3rd

New Year's Eve means many things, but mostly it's a good excuse to splurge on an elegant bottle of sparkling wine. To be even more elegant, order it in a nice restaurant, or just seek out Patrick's recommendations in the store:

- Schramsberg "Cremant" Demi-Sec, Napa Valley, CA: "It's part Gewürztraminer [a German white wine], so it's sweet, it's got really tiny bubbles, and it's very smooth."

- Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Yellow Label Brut, Reims, France: "This is a really good brut, an actual champagne from the Champagne region of France."

-Moët Chandon "White Star" Extra Dry, Epernay, France: This is more affordable than the brut champagne, but it's really dry, so it's similar to one."

-Mumm Cuvee, Napa "M", Napa Valley, CA: "Another sparkling wine, really dry and aromatic, with almost floral undertones."

- Cuvee Dom Perignon 1995: "It has the smallest bubbles, obviously, which is how champagne is rated."

Kevin Kafi

From 4th Avenue Smoke Shop

514 SW 4th

Not everyone wants or needs to be elegant, and some folks just don't like the bubbly! You don't have to spend a fortune to raise a New Year's toast, just take Kevin's advice:

- King Fish Cabernet Sauvignon: "This won't give you a hangover. It's really good and only $4.99."

-211: "The strongest beer. You drink two cans and it's enough--for some people, one is enough."

-Pabst: "Pabst does the magic, too, but it will make you go to the boys' room a lot."

-Carlo Rossi: "It'll put you in a really good mood, but people will smell your breath from all the way down the street. And you'll wake up with a hangover, so eat something before you go to sleep."

-Cook's champagne: "Cook's is really good champagne, but the good advice is to not drink it too fast. If you've just turned 21, try Cook's and it'll show you what champagne does to you."