Daniel DeBenedetti
From Café Nola's Side Door Theater
8638 N Lombard

Daniel's selects the noir films that screen Wednesdays through Fridays at Café Nola. Check out his top four underappreciated noir classics:

- He Walked By Night (1948): "Based on the true story of one of L.A.'s most notorious criminals, 'Machine Gun Walker,' this film influenced the crime show genre from Dragnet to CSI."

- D.O.A. (1950): "Edmond O'Brien as Frank Bigelow wakes up with a nasty hangover and finds out he's been dosed with a slow-acting poison and has only a couple of days to live."

- The Hitch-hiker (1953): "Pioneering woman director Ida Lupino cooks up tension in this thriller about two guys who stop to help a stranded motorist who turns out to be a brutal murderer on the lam."

- The Second Woman (1951): "Robert Young plays a young architect whose unlucky streak turns destructive to his prized possessions and fatal to his friends."

Nathaniel Boggess
From Ecos Consulting

We have to put up with four more years of nonsense, so fight the war at home with a few suggestions for slowing the damage being done to the environment:

- Bathroom Etiquette: "If it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down. You'll save a bunch of water, just make sure you leave the lid down."

- Get A Bike: "Don't drive. Reduction of fossil fuel consumption will have the single biggest impact on the environment, not to mention our need to fight wars to acquire them."

- Shop Organic AND Local: "Organics can be shipped across the country, defeating the benefits they provide by increasing pollution."

- Order On Tap: "Don't get a bottle. It takes just about the same amount of energy to recycle glass as it does to make new glass."