Charlotte LaVictoire
From Yes
628 E Burnside

The owner of another new boutique on up and coming E Burnside, Charlotte's shop is stocked with tons of cute merchandise including great earrings, shoes, and clothes in a wide range of prices. Although she's usually saying "yes," here's what she says "no" to:

DON'T turn your back on a classic: "Don't believe that anything will ever be 'the new black.' Black is never bad."

DON'T dress in head to toe Forever 21 if you're 31: "Unless you are Stevie Nicks, on the 'Edge of 17.'"

DON'T underestimate a good haircut and a great pair of shoes: "Especially the shoes. For example: Amazing outfit with average shoes = mediocre at best. Old t-shirt and jeans with great shoes = incredible, not to mention comfortable."

DON'T try to mold yourself into someone else's look: "Be conscious of your own personal style and what looks good on you. Ignore any trends that don't work for you."

Sally Schwartz
From Pin Me
3705 N Mississippi

One of the best new stores to open on Mississippi, Sally's Pin Me is a great place to find fun, colorful, flattering clothes--not to mention a smattering of really killer shoes, bags, and jewelry. Okay, Sally, pin us:

DO wear aviator glasses with the lenses popped out: "That way you can get away with wearing your sunglasses at night."

DO consult: "Take all love and fashion advice from four-year-olds. (They're a little more articulate than two-year-olds.)"

DO rock casual clogs: "Wear your colorful Crocs to breakfast, wearing the same makeup you wore the night before."

DO wear your favorite color: "Even if it doesn't look good on you. There are plenty of people out there who are color blind and won't know it looks bad."

DO pull your pants up: "Wear your clothes on your waistline. You'll look 10 pounds thinner."