From Ground Kontrol
511 NW Couch

What's better than playing nostalgic video games from your tweenhood? Playing nostalgic video games from your tweenhood while drinking beer! Ground Kontrol will now quench that higher thirst after 7 pm, and Zach doesn't want you missing these games:

Galaga (1981): "A cross between Centipede and Space Invaders."

Space Duel (1982): "It has really beautiful vector graphics, which are different than TV graphics. You can play two-player with a copilot--one person does the direction and one has to shoot."

Tempest (1981): "The theme is you have to shoot these demons that come out of a black hole. It's easy to learn--you can just whirl the control ball and shoot randomly."

Tetris (1988): "Everybody knows Tetris and you can be lost for hours. It helps develop the spatial areas of the brain and it's good competitively."

Corban Lester
From Cancer Fags

Corban double-duties as the man behind the band Cancer Fags and the DJ at "Soda," which goes down every second Friday at Noir. He's a crowd pleaser, and here are the electro artists that please him:

Phantom/Ghost: "They make songs as though they have goth roots, but it's rather upbeat. The vocals are like Nick Cave but from a German perspective."

Fischerspooner: "They're suddenly underdogs again, but if you give the last album, Odyssey, a few listens, you can't stop moving to it."

Mount Sims: "Very minimal and sexy. They're good for getting dressed to."

LCD Soundsystem: "It's punk rock, but it's still electronic. It's what everybody wants to hear right now."

Ainu: "A big local up-and-comer. They do improvised electro."

Daft Punk: "If you just start and stop with Homework, you can never go wrong on the dance floor. It's on in a way that's so classic it will never go out."