Anna Evans
From Organics to You

We all want to eat healthy but we don't want to have to drive five miles to get the good organic stuff. Organics To You has a bunch of super fresh produce from local farmers with impressive prices! Anna tells you what else you can do to keep healthy:

Eat starch before you drink: "It helps filter out impurities in alcohol. Definitely have some potatoes before a night out. This doesn't mean fries!"

Eat sweet fruit: "Especially if you know you might get lucky that night. It makes your bodily fluids taste much sweeter."

Take milk thistle: "It's good for your liver and helps protect it from almost anything."

Don't drink carbonated stuff: "It's surprising but anything carbonated takes calcium out of your bones, not just soda pop."

Women, eat hearty greens: "Women are often anemic and don't know it. Kale and chards are the best and quickest way to go."

Jonathan Hopp
From Spoink!
3314 SE Belmont

Jonathan used to work at a bookstore but now he works for this quirky toyshop. Clearly he hasn't let go of childish things, including his love for graphic novels. These are his latest favorites:

Maus: a Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History by Art Spiegelman: "The Jews are portrayed as mice and Nazis as cats. In addition to the beautiful artwork, I've never cried so much."

Ripple: A Predilection for Tina by Dave Cooper: "It's an artist trying to put together a show about the eroticism of homeliness and becomes obsessed with the model that poses for him."

Pupshaw and Pushpaw #1 by Jim Woodring: "A picture book about two mischievous creatures that interact and cause a lot of trouble."

Blankets by Craig Thompson: "That was just a sad story about the pain of a first love and realization that the world isn't exactly what you were raised to believe."