From Devil's Point
5305 SE Foster

Toggling between Sassy's, Devil's Point, and keeping her hair a brilliant blue must be hard! But despite her puritan (work) ethics, Malice's got some devilish taste in porn:

• New Wave Hookers (1985): "Magic headphones playing New Wave music make girls want to do it. The clothing these stars wear inspires my daily attire."

Re-Penetrator (2004): "A B-movie slasher porno. It's based on the movie Re-Animator. There's a scene with oral and blood, and I won't say any more."

• I Sold My Hole for Rock 'n' Roll (2003): "It's a punk rock porn with Rachel Rotten. Need I say more?"

Analicious (2004): "It's a lot of double penetration stuff, and who doesn't love that? No plot-building funny business—it gets right to the hardcore goodness. There's a regurgitation scene you'll never forget."

• College Days Gone Bi (2002): "It's funny. It's got lots of dudes with mustaches and 'I just got out of prison' looks. There's lot of man-on-man-on-girl stuff—like a train chain of love."


This poppy electro solo artist's got an album coming out on Audio Dregs called Mobius Beard. That gives him enough hipster cred to safely reveal his guilty pleasure: '80s synth-pop albums.

Tears for Fears, The Hurting: "This band's first album channeled teen angst into a perfectly produced synth-pop classic."

Depeche Mode, A Broken Frame: "They're still putting out albums, but let's pretend they're not and listen to this instead."

Human League, Dare!: "We've all heard 'Don't You Want Me,' but the rest of this album holds up surprisingly well."

Ultravox, Rage in Eden: "So what if Eno produced their first album? Let's take a trip to four years later when they released this bloated, melodramatic opus!"

Yaz, Upstairs At Eric's: "Drop 'Goodbye Seventies' at a dance party and watch 'em go wild."