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Wedding Hells


Boo fucking hoo. Obviously you've never heard of the term, "I'm doing me!" which is pretty much assumed of the wedding party at any wedding. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!
When I was much younger, I managed to be in a few wedding parties (I'm still unsure of how this happened). I was over 21 but still looked very young, so I always brought my I.D. It didn't matter if what I was wearing had pockets or not---I knew I would be carded, and I didn't feel like asking everyone around me to get me drinks because I was the dickhead who thought my wedding party status alone would be good enough. It's not that difficult to just bring your I.D.; what IS difficult, I imagine, is losing your liquor license because you didn't card the 20 year old because he or she was "in the wedding party".
If all you got was $14 for the whole night then yes indeed you truly got fucked over. And shame on the families etc for not taking care of the staff they hired for the event. But you did a shitty job of negotiating the payment when you took the job. If this is true then ignore the 2nd part of this.

If all you got was $14 in tips above and beyond what you agreed to be paid for the event then you made a poor career choice and its time to find another employment option. Especially at weddings people rarely bring cash since the whole thing is paid for. Sucks, but there's the facts.
I have worked some shitty weddings and can definitely feel your pain. Hopefully it was just $14 in tips on top of your regular pay. I quit doing weddings after getting burned out on brides from hell, families from hell, frat boy friends of the groom who get pissed off if you don't just give them the bottle, etc. Hope you can stay clear of people like this next time and take it as an unfortunate lesson learned.

Good luck!!
@ Kerry:

Some weddings have hosted bars, some do not; people bring cash in case the former isn't true so really, there doesn't seem to be an excuse for not having cash.
@holycatsbatman - the invitation always announces whether or not the bar will be hosted or not, so why would someone bring cash if they know in advance that drinks are provided? Not only that, but filling a cup from a keg is not a service that I particularly find worthy of a tip.
@ Joel:

The invitation does NOT always announce which type of bar will be available to guests, despite your assertion that they do. In all my life, and the countless weddings I've both been a guest and an attendant, I have never seen the invitation state which type of bar there will be. I don't completely discount what you say; I'm certain there are plenty of blowhards reading some wedding etiquette book who think they have to include that banal piece of information to be on the upper side of social manners, but it's more rare than not that people would have such a thing.

Beer from a keg isn't worthy from a tip, I agree; constantly serving the same people beer from a keg probably is.
"I'm doing me"? What the fuck are you blabbering about?
tips exist so people can "do them" and service workers like anonymous will pretend like they don't totally suck all night. i hope you managed to swoop a few bottles at least