Kalah Allen

You are one creepy, creepy man, oh Fitness Gym Shower Shaman. One New Age, leering, creepy, creepy man. When do you work out? Where do you work out? Certainly not at the same gym I do. You always seem to be enjoying your time there in the locker room, though. Usually naked as a jay—or sometimes, when modesty strikes, in your shorty-short towel. When I enter the locker room to drop off my stuff, you are there. When I come back after my workout, you are still there. Still naked, still shaving and preening. A few weeks ago, it was your chode you were shaving. Yes, your fucking CHODE. I have no problem with people's kinks and fetishes, and if you care to remove 95 percent of your body hair, well then bully to you, fella. But Jesus Christ, locker room or not, shaving your sack and ass in a public locker room is gross, tacky, and... gross. Do us a favor, and go on a really long quest. And don't forget your cool New Age walking staff. You left it at the gym.—Anonymous