Kalah Allen
I recently met a friend on "Trendy-third" Ave and was reminded of a foul and unacceptable scourge that lurks here in our beautiful city. No, I'm not talking about yuppies walking down the street during First Thursday. I'm talking about the fat-ass, Harley-Davidson-wannabe bikers that line up their hogs at the slaughterhouse across from Escape From New York Pizza--I counted over 20, brand butt-spanking new machines parked side-by-side while their owners sipped pretentiously on lattes and read the New York Times' "Arts and Leisure" section. I know that yuppies had their share of abuse as they came into their own during the '80s and '90s, but ripping off renegade culture is the last step. Someone should tell them that one can never buy a sense of abandon. --Anonymous