Kalah Allen

Ladies, is it really necessary to spray public toilet seats? Every time I walk into a stall in a women's public restroom, be it the posh "women's lounge" at Nordstrom or the scummy gas station bathroom, I am inevitably forced to seek an alternate stall, due to some lazy female's deliberate failure to make it into the bowl. I understand, girls, the blatant paranoia you experience at the thought of contracting some sleazy whore's (or hey, it could be some normal mom's) foul disease on your butt. Despite this fear, would it really hurt you to take five extra seconds of your time to cover the seat with either the paper toilet seat covers, or to line the seat with strips of toilet paper? This would not only be a courtesy to your fellow public restroom users, but it would also eliminate the possibility of further spreading the germs and disease you so adamantly despise. Don't be afraid. SIT DOWN! --Anonymous