Kalah Allen
I really like very fat girls. It's weird though--when I talk to these women, they don't believe me when I tell them they are attractive. Often they retort to my compliments with... "Oh, you're being nice." I find them incredibly mesmerizing, if not overwhelmingly beautiful. The problem for me is finding a self respecting, confident, and rubenesque woman who hasn't been mentally fucked by our "be skinny" magazine culture. I'm really successful too; I've worked hard and succeeded in overcoming some pretty cliff-hanging experiences. Yet, I can't be with someone who hates their body because society says they are fat.... what the hell, FUCK skinny!! This mere 50-year blip of "skinny love" will surely be interrupted when mother nature says "enough of you skinny 6.5 billion fuckers!!" I'll be dead, but in spirit I will hail the return of the mother GODDESS figure. FAT CHICKS RULE!! --Anonymous