Kalah Allen
Something's been bothering me for a while. I used to live in the apartment above you, and one night my very drunk and very angry ex-boyfriend forced his way into my apartment. There was screaming and yelling and banging for quite some time. While I'm sure this was an annoyance to anyone trying to sleep nearby, someone at least had enough sense to call the police. I guess you didn't hear the sirens, though, because the next day I got a written warning from the manager of our building which she said stemmed from a complaint from you about the noise the night before. Sorry about that. The banging you heard? That was my body being thrown against the wall and my stereo being smashed. Oh, and the screaming? That was me screaming for him to stop and for help. I'm glad someone heard. Lady, the next time you hear a woman screaming and loud crashing sounds at three in the morning, call the police. Don't wait until the next day to complain to the manager. If I had been dead up there, you'd be feeling pretty stupid about whining about the noise I made. --Anonymous