Kalah Allen
Beware of Dalmations

This morning, your one-year-old kid walked right up to my crazed Dalmatian. I was able to avert danger by waving a bagel piece in front of my pooch's nose, but what would have happened if I hadn't? Your kid would have had his precious little hand bitten. Following that, I would have had my best friend euthanized, all my earnings taken for the next 10 years or so, and possibly face time in jail. My life would be shot. Why? Because of your negligence. I rescued my dog from PAWS, where she had been taken in after a year of abuse. She's getting better, but had this happened a year ago, it wouldn't have turned out so well. Don't EVER let your kid prance right up to a dog of unknown origins, Dalmatians especially (they are renowned for their rash behavior).--Anonymous