Kalah Allen
Hey, You Pervert!

Yes YOU, the guy pretending to think I can't see you masturbating in the living room which JUST HAPPENS to be visible from my bedroom window. Do you really, honestly think I'm blind? I think not. In fact I'm CERTAIN you know perfectly well that you are clearly visible from my darkened room, or why the hell would you ALWAYS just HAPPEN to be starting up right around the time I go to bed? With your curtains ALWAYS open? What are you trying to do, anyway? What the fuck is your point? Are you trying to gross me out? Because the deal is, I WAS grossed out. For awhile. And then I started to watch, and pretty soon I kind of couldn't help sort of enjoying it, playing along so to speak. In fact, I always go to my room at the same time every night now, knowing you'll be on display, and I think about you all day at work, and on weekends when I don't see you. I really want to talk to you, but don't know your phone number or your name, and what can I do, go up to you when you're getting into your Honda in the morning and introduce myself? "Hi, I watch you jerk off every night. Want to hang out?" No. So if you read this and you know what I'm talking about and you want to go out sometime, give me some sign.--Anonymous