Kalah Allen
The Housecleaner's Revenge

How can you people who hire housecleaning services think it's okay not to tip? The person who comes to your house to scrub your disgusting toilets and wipe down your crusty-ass kitchens deserves a little respect from you in the form of cash at the end of the job. How do you not understand this? You leave these long, long lists asking me to do half my job on my knees with a toothbrush and then pay me exactly what you owe and nothing more. Your bathtub is constantly full of pubes, and sometimes you leave shit in your toilet, just for me. Your darling children piss on the bathroom floor and leave their toys everywhere so that I can't possibly vacuum. How is it that the people that cut your hair or serve your meals are worthy of 15 percent on top of your bill, but I'm not? You fuckin' people. If you want your house done right, TIP ME! Because when you don't, I get real upset. And when I get upset, sometimes I accidentally use the sponge that I cleaned the rim of your shit-stained toilet with to clean off your stove and the inside of your fridge. Oops. Better safe than sorry, because I bet there are other cleaners like me that get forgetful, too.--Anonymous