Kalah Allen

I have suffered for years with a skin condition called Rosacea. It makes my skin appear red and ruddy. I am seeing a physician and use prescription creams and antibiotics to keep it in check. But today, when I walked through the door of a public place, a Mexican man made a comment in Spanish to his buddy. Immediately, the man turned, looked at me, and they both began laughing. How do you think this affects my self-esteem, you classless pieces of shit? I've had to deal forever with looks and stares of people so rude, I just want to crush them. Kids are even worse because their low-life, scumbag parents never teach them any respect for people with this or other disfiguring facial conditions. To add further insult to injury, I finished my business at the window, turned to leave, and the man's apparent wife/girlfriend/whore looked directly at me and said out loud, "Oh my God," before looking away. I asked if there was a PROBLEM, and she didn't say anything, just continued to look away. Her husband/boyfriend/pimp was laughing again. These people were by no means attractive themselves, so I found it incredulous that they would have the balls to do this. I urge people with my condition to rise up and not take this shit anymore. I am so tired of it. People come in all different wrappers. I hope you're not the next asshole who puts me in this position because I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!--Anonymous