Kalah Allen

I'm a single, young (under 20) kid and am poor because I'm trying to get an education in this town. I was driving around one of those circular-turn things, when I failed to turn my non-power-steering cheap vehicle, and hit your car, a Honda. I was in shock, tears, and late to my $6/hr job. So I kept going. I hope you are not a poor student like me. I looked at my car--there was some damage--but I couldn't tell if it was new or not. I walked to work, afraid at what I might have done to your car. I'm sorry. I cannot even tell you how sorry I am. I feel so horrible. I hope the damage was not too much, and I hope you'll forgive me. Hopefully, karma will allow me a chance for to help another in need with their car, someday. Forgive me.--Anonymous