Kalah Allen
Hi, lame ass. Yes, you, the Portland police man who so rudely said, "Are you sure I didn't arrest you or something last year?" when you were trying to place my face at the coffee shop. Dude, do you, like, have a fucking brain? First off, you bravado-inflicted ape, I own my own successful business, have a solid community foothold, and MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU!!! (And I am better looking, and do not look like a thug whatsoever.) Dipshit, you asked me OUT LOUD if you'd arrested me before! Like I would say yes in the first place! Secondly, EVERYONE could hear you, sending a questionable message to locals who see me there daily—daily, you ass wipe. So when you see me pull up for a latte or whatever, stay the fuck away from me. Do not fuck with serious people... who MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU. P.S. I work only three to four hours a day to make around 65k a year, AND I don't have people hate me for the job I do. So, there you have it: I am better than you are and you are a robot without a soul.—Anonymous