The Sins Of The Father

Dad, you've always been cheap, but this time you've outdone yourself. You fucked your own mother out of her entire life savings and her final request. She wanted to be buried next to her husband, but you had her cremated. No funeral, because that's "rather costly." I'm sure you'll sell her grave for profit and take another cruise. My guess is you'll use her urn as a doorstop. If you believed in karma or feared judgement, you'd be shitting your pants right now. You really should be superstitious or get religion or some sense of justice--seriously. Many of your deeds will go unchecked in this life, but you'll drag them with you into death and answer for them there. Someday your ugly history will catch up to you, and you'll find yourself lonely and cold. For now, you'll brag about your political status, your massive house, your comfortable retirement--you even wear a diamond pinky ring! Shame on you for controlling Grandma's finances, telling her she lost all her money in the stock market. I know better--she bought your boat, your Rolex, club membership, and Viagra. Dad, you bought yourself a one-way ticket to Hell. --Anonymous