Kalah Allen
Fuckin' A

I feel that more people should use the fuck word. Many people already do, but more of us need to take a stand and really say fuck more often. It's a great word. Now, I'm not going to be some fucking asshole who says "Duuuude, you can use fuck anywhere in any sentence," because I have heard that bullshit before. I just think that excessive use of the fuck word is cool--like smoking, or drinking. But don't use it in an awkward, talentless way, because I hate people who misuse and abuse the coolness of my fuck word. Fuck can be an incredible gateway to other flavorful, intelligent words we all know but sometimes neglect to use (motherfucker, fuckface, fucktard), very much in the same way the great drug pot can lead to other drugs. So unless you are an asshole or shitty reject, please either say fuck or fuck off. --Anonymous