Kalah Allen
Teen Tantrum

You think you're manly just because you like to run your mouth, eh, pussy? You've been giving me shit since freshman year, and I'm warning you that sophomore year is the last year I'm gonna take any crap from you. "I don't like smart people" and "Shut up, you bitch" are just things you say to make your fucking ego feel better, and the only reason I don't wail on your ass is because you're not worth my fucking energy or time. This is your final warning, asshole. Be careful where you walk and be careful what you say, you fucking wanker. I'm not gonna be nice anymore. And another thing; you're a fucking dumb-as-a-caveman fatass and that's why you're pissed. And the football team sucks because your fat ass in on the team. I hope you get a bad case of crabs so I can point and laugh at you; oh wait, I already do laugh at you because you don't even know where China is and you're supposed to be a "junior."--Anonymous