Kalah Allen
Bus Stop Baroness

Understand this, you cow--the bus shelter is not your fiefdom. We, those waiting for the bus, are neither your audience nor your friends. We are simply people waiting for a bus. No one is waiting for you to waddle your 400 pounds over to begin our day. No one needs your mindless pronouncements to know that it's cold/hot/rainy/dark/early. You showed what kind of person you are when you refused to move either your fat ass or your bag of junk to let a little pregnant girl sit on the bench; ditto the guy with the cane. Haven't you noticed yet? The Vietnamese girls don't understand a word of your brainless prattle. Some of the riders now use a different stop just to get away from you. The rest of us stand well away from the shelter to avoid your ceaseless chatter, and sit far away from you on the bus. Even the bus drivers have told you to be silent (after you've forced your way past everyone so you can board first). You're a rude, obnoxious black hole of emotional need. Deal with it, but leave the rest of us alone... and for god's sake SHUT UP!--Anonymous