Kalah Allen
Bill Hickups

To the asshole at the Bill Hicks screening: Okay sure, everyone talks a little during a movie, especially when drinking. But you kept going on in a loud voice about Eric Bogosian so that I couldn't hear. I finally turn around and say politely, "Excuse me, I'm trying to listen. Maybe you guys could go to the back of the room and talk." You begin threatening violence against me, and my friend ("I'm going to put my foot in your ass and your ass"). I noticed your "new friend" who you'd been pontificating to (who after the show came up and apologized, emphasizing that he didn't know who the hell you were) quickly got up and left. That left you alone (as I'm sure is often the case). Bill Hicks' whole bit is about overcoming ignorance and violence through higher consciousness. It's a shame you totally missed that part of the movie, but we didn't. You probably won't even remember what happened. I hope that you are just a chronic alcoholic and not an intrinsic dick. But the next two guys will probably crack your fuckin' skull open like you so richly deserve. In sum, you are worthless trash. AA hotline: 223.8569, 24/7. --Anonymous