Kalah Allen
Save the Animals

You have to be shitting me. Of all the ass-headed bullshit I've seen in this town, yours takes the cake. Do you really think it's a rational, good idea to bring your fucking PUPPY to a show at Sabala's? "Oh, fucking look at me! I've got my red hoody and my braids and truck driver ball cap, and I'm looking around to see who's looking at me, with my poor fucking puppy who's going deaf right now." Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Are you ignorant or just cruel? And look, asshead--in one year you'll be kicking your poor puppy as it takes a shit on your Cosmo magazine because it can't fucking HEAR YOU. I can just see it now, with you beating it with your Hot Topic studded belt when it chews on your favorite pair of fucking Pumas, you abusive, irresponsible piece of shit. --Anonymous