Kalah Allen
Your Fear is Insured

Dear Corporate Insurance Agencies: I don't care how many commercials you produce showing happy customers--you will never convince me that you give a shit about anyone but your fat, gluttonous selves. You have ravaged the health care system to the brink of disaster. Patients can't figure out what the hell is covered by whom, and you need a fucking PhD just to fill out a claim on an eye exam! And you bastard car insurance companies--don't even think you're off the hook. No dancing gecko is going to hide the fact that you continuously pull people in with your "amazingly low rates" only to jack up the prices for no apparent reason. I have no tickets, no car accidents, and my car is only getting older and more used… but my insurance rates are going to jump $600 a year? Fuck that, and better yet, fuck you. I am so tired of living in a society paralyzed by fear. If there's a hell, there is going to be a special place for all you manipulative leeches. Until then, sleep tight knowing that in a society that's plagued with so many problems, you're near the top. --Anonymous