Kalah Allen

You irritate me, and I wonder why I'm even friends with you. You flake out all the time, and when I think WE are gonna hang out, you bring your ugly boyfriend. Thanks for copying my hairstyles—I know you feel a little inferior beside me. You have no reason to be so arrogant—you're not cute, and all the guys you date are so ugly that I've considered becoming a lesbian—twice. I'm sorry you always look like so much shit that you make me look like royalty. Sorry you can't seem to find enough time to pamper your hands and feet. Sorry you have the most horrible skin known to man that has to be hidden under a ton of make-up, and then proudly accept the compliments you get on your so-called flawless skin. I don't wanna hear about the guys in your life or your family or whoever. I'm glad we don't go out anywhere anymore... you'd just flake out on me again.—Anonymous