Kalah Allen

To all the FUCKING IDIOTS who call the cell phone company to bitch, I have this to say: PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS, YOU TARDS. It IS your fault. I do NOT "understand your frustration." And I will NOT "do my best to assist you." You are a waste of precious air, and you should know that I make fun of all of you behind your backs to everyone I know. Every time I say, "I understand, and appreciate your patience," I am really thinking, "I can't believe someone hasn't killed this bitch yet." Every time I say, "I apologize for the inconvenience," what I'm really thinking is, "You stupid, lazy motherfucker." I hate you, and I hope that someday your empty skull collapses on the space that would normally be occupied by your brain and you die. And by the way, I COULD credit you for that overcharge if I felt like it—BUT I NEVER WILL.—Anonymous