Kalah Allen

On the issue of trash receptacles: There's a certain milquetoast manager of a company that borders a public park, who tapes signs to their parking lot trash receptacle unwelcoming dog poop. So you would rather see said receptacle filled with reusable things? Things such as Ziploc bags, or those "disposable" to-go containers, or perfectly reusable fake butter containers, or a glass jar? Maybe some Popeyes wing buckets? Not a tiny bag of poop. POOP, which IS actual WASTE. It is hard enough to get a dog's keeper to be responsible enough to pick up after their pet shits in community spaces. For many reasons, some would rather not pick it up at all. For example, having to carry a bagful of dog shit for the next mile back to your house. Maybe you could welcome dog keepers to use waste receptacles for waste. Instead you could use your signs to encourage people to be more conscientious about the reusable things they throw away. I'm sure your waste receptacle would fill up in one week rather than one day.—Anonymous