Kalah Allen

The Americans who complain about poor service in other countries must have never been to Portland. Every single fucking time I try to go out and eat and/or get liquored up, I am appalled with the complete lack of decent service in this town. I don't know whose cock you had to suck to get your jobs, because you wouldn't last two seconds in the hospitality industry outside this black hole. For example: I walk into a bar, have to nearly tackle a clearly disinterested bartender, order a $4 drink, pay with a five, and this fuckwad has the audacity to take my money and say, "Thanks," as if I was going to tip his lazy ass. I had to demand my change as he was walking away! Where the fuck do you get off!?! If I wanted to tip for shitty service, I would go to a Third World country where at least the drinks are cheap. There I would expect people to be lazy because they aren't getting paid a living wage, unlike you arrogant fucks who are more concerned about the intricacies of your facial hair than doing your fucking job and getting me a goddamn drink!—Anonymous