Kalah Allen

Hey, that's a nice Chairman Mao silkscreen you got there on your bag. Isn't it, like, so rad how his policies were directly responsible for the deaths of nearly 100 million Chinese civilians? Deliberately engineered famines so rock. Hey, have you seen these new Hermann Göring legwarmers I picked up? I just love wearing them with my Pol Pot hoodie. Oh my God, yesterday? I saw this chick with a Heinrich Himmler iPod case. I was like, damn girl. Wait, what's that? You didn't know Chairman Mao was a mass-murdering, chronic rapist? You just got that bag because it looks cool? So you don't actually support decades' long regimes involving numerous book burnings and the death, incarceration, starvation, and torture of millions of innocent people? Lame. Well, never mind. Hey, maybe you should do just a teensy bit of research before appropriating dictators as fashion accessories? I'm just saying. —Anonymous