Kalah Allen

I don't mind riding the bus. I put up with horrible smells, schizophrenics, and people who are obnoxiously loud. Recently though, I've been bitched at by various drivers to "keep my music personal." Maybe TriMet had too many complaints from cunts who can't stand low-level background noise. Maybe the drivers are suddenly concerned about my eardrums. Either way, it doesn't matter. I turn my music up to drown out the insufferable assholes. Without it, I am vulnerable to conversations about bloody discharge, or becoming a retard's best friend for 30 minutes. Listening to music at high decibel levels is my only defense. Until TriMet cracks down on crackheads talking to their invisible friends and shitholes yelling into their cell phones, I will not turn my music down because the driver tells me to. When bus drivers tell me to turn my music down, 95 percent of the time it is because of previous complaints from assholes who don't have the courage to confront a person directly. It shouldn't become bus policy to bitch at riders for loud headphones because of complaints. If that's the case, TriMet needs to crack down on the noise that my music is used to avoid.—Anonymous