Kalah Allen
Apparently, you need to have been born with a vagina to participate in and support the transgender movement. I am a male-born, female-identified transgender activist who has been repeatedly shunned by the lesbians and transmen who make up the majority of the transgender movement in Portland. Why? Because I do not want surgeries or hormone injections. To sum it all up, the transgender community in Portland is made up of a bunch of female-born elitist fucks who seem to think anything with a penis is unworthy of forwarding the gender revolution. Is it because of male oppression? If so, take a look in the mirror, because 90 percent of you bitches are white, and white oppression still rules the world, and you're all ridiculously privileged. This "oh my god, I'm so oppressed" act belongs to all the queer community, and you queer scenesters only add oppression to even smaller sexual minorities. Stop screaming about open-mindedness and practice what you preach. People of all gender variations need a community regardless of whether or not they were born with a vagina, and y'all are making it damn near impossible.—Anonymous