DEAR SIRS: Your latest edition [Vol. 1, No. 2] looks great. However, I was sorely disappointed to see no personal ads. I remember perusing the personals in Seattle, and it was full of ads like "Well hung, stunning pre-op transsexual will suck your dick and then fuck your fat bitch wife while you watch." Or, one of my all time favorites, "Fuck my fat virgin ass and then puke on my back, and piss down my throat. No weirdos please." If you're "alternative," then publish stuff those other local rags wouldn't dare!
David Marcum

Editor's note: Rejoice, puke and piss lovers! The Mercury Personals are coming next month.



HEY DK, I was a little disturbed by your column [X review, June 1]. You've been led astray by the 99% of anime, which is crap--but the same can probably be said of every genre, of every creative endeavor. There's some good stuff out there. If you only watch one anime title again in your life, make sure it's by Hayao Miyazaki. Did you see Princess Mononoke? Well, his other films are better, and contain the virtues you pointed out as missing from other anime--story and stillness. They may change your opinion of anime--they did mine.


TO THE EDITOR: Glancing over your publication, I appreciate the tongue 'n cheek humor. However, I am wonderin' about why? Why the labeling? Judgment and ANGER? It is only for us to appreciate one another as part of the human race. To learn balance in our lives (both internal and external). If there was only a way to heal the human heart. Be well.
Sara Lynns


TO THE EDITOR: I was surprised by the naivete of your First Annual Queer Issue [June 15]. For those of us not fooled by the thin patina of homo-acceptance that has been painted over mainstream society, the idea that homosexuals are steadily assimilating into the heterosexual world is narrow and overly optimistic. The bad days are not over.

For many gays, especially those in rural areas, gay assimilation is not a reality. The Mercury's authors seem to be so surrounded by acceptance that they've forgotten how many gays are still forced to stay in the closet, rejected by their families, friends, and communities. Just this past year, dozens of pieces of anti-gay legislation were proposed or adopted by state and local governments across the nation.

I wish the rest of the world accepted us, but we shouldn't be so quick to assume the homophobia of the past has disappeared. I don't know what sort of fairyland Savage and the others are living in, but in my world gayness has not gone mainstream yet.
Xopher Fox


HEY ANN! Loved your story about "coitus" at the Rose Festival Shooting Matches ["One Day at a Time," June 15], and thought I'd share my parade story with you. I live on the fourth floor of a building along the parade route. Thinking it would be fun to f**k like pigs while something as "wholesome" as a parade was going on below my window, I invited a friend to come by. Although we didn't do it in the window, we did open it to let in as much sound as possible. (We probably let some sounds out as well...) Having great, wild sex with marching bands, crowd noises, etc. was a huge turn-on. We laughed and screwed all morning. Keep up the good work.


DEAR FLACCID PENIS [Re: "I, Anonymous," June 15]: An aching ball can be a sign of testicular cancer, the most common cancer in young men. It's very treatable if caught in time, so please have a doctor investigate this immediately even if you can't feel a lump. Everyone else: early treatment can make all the difference--examine your testes/breasts every MONTH (or have your partner do it and then switch!).

In Katia Dunn's story last issue ["He or She in Cellblock B?" June 15], we stated that the Portland Police Bureau decided the new policy on booking transgendered inmates. Actually, it was the Multnomah County Sheriff's department.