TO THE EDITOR: As a fun-lovin', sexually-adventurous fat chick, it was with great interest that I read "I Love Fat Girls," in I, Anonymous [Dec 7]. My curiosity waned, however, when I got to Mr. Anonymous' statement reading, "Yet, I can't be with someone who hates their body because society says they are fat."

While I applaud him for recognizing Western culture's all-encompassing hatred towards fat people, I'm afraid I've heard this pathetic argument before, and find it incredibly insulting. Blaming fat women for hating their bodies is like blaming black people for being pissed off about centuries of racism. You wouldn't tell Chuck D to "get over it," without getting a fierce blow to the jaw, and Mr. Anonymous certainly will NOT get into my plus-sized panties with his "but I like you anyway!" shtick. I'm sorry, but a lifetime of being told that fat=ugly cannot be reversed by a handful of fat fetishists claiming to dig the extra pounds I carry around.



TO KATIA DUNN: Loved your article on the OLCC ["Drunk with Power," Dec 7]. This out-of-control state agency with their Nazi-like control of liquor has long been a thorn in my side. Every time I visit California and can find a better selection of booze in a Safeway store for half the price of what it sells for in Oregon, I get a little more pissed off. I say it's time we put an initiative on the ballot to eliminate the OLCC pigs.

Gary Roche


TO ANN ROMANO: Just so you know, things like mad cow disease are not even remotely cool to joke about [One Day at a Time, Dec 7], unless you're uneducated, not well-read, etc. It's on the front of the NY Times because the American powers of the meat industry, Bovine Growth Hormone, and other areas of genetic engineering are trying to make it seem like it's not a big deal--like it's European fears that are holding back these important sciences. These same important sciences are responsible for the destruction of millions of acres of beautiful ecosystems every year, much of which is desperately needed land for agriculture.

Anyway, at Rich's Cigar Shop downtown you can get a copy of the Village Voice; it's a weekly from New York City, thus a new one is available every week. Then, monthly you can get the latest issue of Z magazine, which usually has articles by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, widely thought of as the two most important intellectual minds in the world. So please go and purchase these items, and use your media button once in awhile for really important things.



TO THE EDITOR: I wonder why Portland is such a bomb-friendly place [On My Soapbox, "Bouncing Bombs," Dec 7]? Maybe it's because the police are too busy forming "terrorism" task-forces with the FBI so they can spy on political dissidents. Maybe it's because they'd rather wander around Southeast Portland, sniffing out pot plants so they can confiscate someone's house. Or maybe they'd rather conduct a good ol' fashioned prostitution sting, then seize everyone's car.

Sorry, bomb-haters! Tracking down violent lunatics just isn't profitable enough for the Portland Police Bureau!

M. Cracker


TO THE EDITOR: I was startled by your fine weekly when reading Blake Nelson's critique of Fydor Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov [Holiday Books, Nov 30]. Shit! I thought, how can this minor poet/novelist be ripping into one of our literary lions??? I was flabbergasted!!! But then Blake pulled me out of this head spin with a conciliatory tone at the end of his review. I have to disagree with many of his suggestions, but I am happy to see that the Mercury is willing to take a chance and tangle with real literature! The Mercury kicks butt! Keep on truckin'!

G. Wilson


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