TO WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY: I'm glad you claim "used to skate" status [Film, Dogtown and Z-Boys review, May 9]. It would really suck to see and hear kooks like you at all the great parks we have here in Oregon. It might be fun to see you get your ass kicked or your windshield smashed out, though.

It's clear you have no concept of Stacy Peralta & Co.'s contributions. Stick to the sanitized version of skateboarding on your beloved TV, and making up fake swear words, you inept 100,000-per-year yuppie square. See ya around.


Wm. Steven Humphrey responds: You'll see me around? Let's be more specific: Our office address is 1524 NW 23rd, and our hours are 9 to 5:30. I'd be curious to see if you talk so big with a mouthful of busted teeth, bitch.


TO THE EDITOR: It's no news that Julianne Shepherd is an unequaled idiot, but she apparently can't even bundle enough brain cells together to read a friggin' press release. In her preview of the Daisychain Music Fair [Up & Coming, May 9], she refers to it as a yearly event lasting three days. Daisychain is only in its second year and it takes place over FIVE nights. Five Julianne, not three, FIVE just tap on three fingers and then go two more, and you'll get to five. Good girl now go jump off a bridge.

Hoyt Skinner

Julianne Shepherd responds: Our office address is 1524 NW 23rd, and our hours are 9 to 5:30. How about you drop by and I tap five knuckles on your face, dick?


TO THE EDITOR: Your recent article "Prostitution: Pro or Con?" [Feature, May 9] reiterates the same non-debate. Teresa Dulce of danzine summed it up perfectly: Sex work (prostitution) isn't good or bad, it just is. And it's ALWAYS BEEN. The debate should be, how can we make this job better and safer for all concerned--workers, clients, and society? That the groups featured in your article insisted on the different terms "prostitution" and "sex work" begs to be explored. They're talking apples and oranges. Sex work is work. Prostitution is prostitution: the exploitation of workers, which happens in any job when workers rights are not respected. Both LOTUS and danzine (and COYOTE) can and should co-exist: one as a resource for sex workers who are prostituted and the other to strive for safety, professionalism, and legitimacy in the sex worker's CHOSEN field. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HOOKER!

Viva Las Vegas
Magic Gardens


DEAR MERCURY: I am a 40-year-old white ex-hooker with an extensive arrest record. I worked as a street prostitute for 12 years, and am now attending college, producing my own porn photos, and selling panties online. I've been poor/working class since my parents divorced when I was 12, including being a teen mom on welfare, working menial jobs, and working the street. Yes, bad things happened to me on the street (often at the hands of the police). Bad things happen to lots of people whether they work as prostitutes or not. I fended off an attempted rape at my office job. Another time, I was raped as a result of being homeless. Women are frequently raped within their own marriages. If rape is used as a reason to stop prostitution, then marriage should also be stopped. This reasoning fails to hold rapists accountable by blaming prostitution for rape.

The problem is that the issue of people's access to choice is being confused with the idea that trading sex for money harms our "souls." How dare Nikki Williams of LOTUS tell me my spirit is degraded and my soul sacrificed because I had sex for money? For her information and anyone else's, the state of my soul is MY BUSINESS.

Finally, I'd like to comment on the hateful remarks Nikki made regarding old hookers, "It's not a pretty site to see an older prostituted woman...No one wants to see the reality of a 40-year-old prostituted woman who looks 90." First off, what's so wrong with looking 90? Secondly, I'm enclosing a photo of myself. I dare you to publish this letter along with my photo and say I look like shit. Readers?

Leslie Bull

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